Fraction Magazine Feature

We are so excited and honored to be featured in issue #102 of Fraction Magazine! Thank you to David Bram and Bree Lamb for all of their wonderful within the photo community.

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2017 Civita Fellowship

Small Talk Collective's Leslie Hickey was recently award a Civita Fellowship through the Civita Institute in Seattle. In October she will travel to Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy for a one month fellowship; she will use her 4x5 and black and white film to focus on capturing the landscape at night.


Briana Cerezo Awarded Artist Residency with Newspace Center for Photography & Oregon Historical Society

Small Talk member Briana Cerezo, along with Ross Lee Chappell, and Jennifer Rabin are the artists-in-residence working on a collaborative project with support from Newspace Center for Photography and Oregon Historical Society to explore how place, history, and story—which all converge in OHS’s archives—affect individual and collective identities. The artists are specifically looking at the ways that the archives have included and excluded different communities. Whose history is being recorded and whose is being erased? Whose is represented and whose is misrepresented? Which communities are attempting to tell the stories of others and which communities are largely self-representing?

The artists are making portraits of Oregonians across the state and listening to their thoughts about why sharing stories matters, when they feel seen and unseen, and who they want to tell and keep their stories. They especially want to include as wide a generational span as possible, so connecting with youth is a priority. The work will culminate in a show at Newspace in October and November 2017 followed by traveling public programming.

This program is made possible with major support from the Oregon Community Foundation’s Creative Heights Grant Program.


We're On Instagram!

Hello! Thanks for visiting! I'll keep this first post short - we want you to follow us on Instagram! Each of us has been assigned one day of the week to create a post using only our phones, and with the majority of us starting as film shooters or super attached to our fancy digitals, this is not as easy of a task as you might think. Follow along to see our daily lives and interests - at least what we deem is worth taking a photo of! Plus, this is our first collaborative project together, and you get to witness its progress. Link in menu... do it!

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