Ain't Bad Magazine: Interview

Once upon a time (also known as two years ago), Kristina Hruska reached out to six other photographers and asked them to be part of a group based on peer critique, collaboration, support, accountability, and mutual inspiration. We now call this little adventure Small Talk Collective. We recently got to sit down with Sarah Borst for the first ever audio interview for Ain't Bad Magazine! We chatted about photography, of course, intersectional feminism, art as a tool for healing or for activism, and the importance of community, especially in a very digitally-focused world. (And cats. We also talked about cats.)

This group has grown from a concept, to a community, to a sisterhood and we are so grateful to have the chance to keep the conversation going.

To listen to the interview and see some additional work from each of us, follow the link to Ain't Bad Magazine!